I'm Not the Only One Who Loves Beyond Good & Evil.

Apparently the folks at Dueling Analogs do, as well.

I'm trying to find this other web comic I thought I bookmarked the other day. It's starting to irritate me, bookmarking is easy. I'm having doubts about my level of competence if I can't bookmark. Must be a software issue.

At least it lead me to Dueling Analogs. And perhaps I will check it out again before I forgot that it exists anymore like I do with most webcomics. Maybe I really don't know how to bookmark.

But I kow how to link. I will link to my other post about Beyond Good & Evil. It worked, didn't it?


(I've never used grand like that before, but figured it was fair use of the word in a way it's no longer used in the common vernacular, or may never have been.)

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