Two-Timing Blogger.

I'm not as attentive to your needs as I used to be. I hardly talk anymore. Your suspicions are correct.

I'm blogging elsewhere. This time as paid blogger, or is the term “pro blogger”? I don't know. I'm not sure it matters. There's a part of me that believes I can maintain this blog, and still post elsewhere. There's a part of that won't admit that it doesn't, although I'll admit that the part of me that believes I can is a much bigger part. Let's call that part my lungs, versus the non-believing part my appendix. Although since I never said these were physical body parts, let's pull a 180° and not call them anything.

I'll come clean. I've been posting on a regular to semi-regular basis at There's should hopefully be enough of a trace of my style that you'll figure out which articles are mine. Typically I write about nutrition and alternative health items that appear in the news. My angle is that I' just like anyone else trying to sift through the information out there to make health decisions for myself and my family. I'm not an authoritarian, but someone that makes gradual changes to improve health.

I will still eat cheeseburgers, but not as often. Dessert…sometimes, yes; but not all the time. Vitamins, supplements and other healthy foods will be added to my diet to improve my overall well-being.

I don't think I actually say this anywhere on the other blog, maybe I should, but that's my angle. It's easy for doctors or nutrition and fitness gurus to tell somebody to flip a switch and change their entire diet immediately, but I don't think that's realistic with all people, and may often send people right back to where they started that much quicker. And two, if you change your diet to all organic products and purchase every vitamin mineral, and herbal supplement on the market, you'll find that last week's paycheck has disappeared that much quicker.

Anyway that's where I've been. That explains the sneaking around, the long silences, the detachment. Tell me we can still make this work.

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