All Too True.

It's one thing to post about how you have no time to post. It's another to make that post into interesting content. I know I've done it before without 'interesting' being part of the equation. Rajesh Setty in a recent post entitled, 10 things they didn't tell you about blogging lists #1 as:

It's easy to start but hard to maintain.

True. He continues on but I'm not going to blockquote his whole article. If you can't click a link, then you should watch television rather than go online.

Hobbies can be rewarding but blogging seems to be a hobby that must be continued even on days where one finds no reward in it, if one seeks to develop an audience to the blog. If audience is of no concern, than frequency of posts is not important. But I'm thinking most bloggers have it in the back of there head that their blog may lead to something bigger. The blog may not be the road less traveled these days, but more like a long and winding road that may actually be a road to nowhere. You may not know unless you do the walking.

10/13/06 NOTE: You may have to reload the above links after clicking, for some reason my browser won't follow the links to the other site unless I reload the page. Strange. Might be a global thing, might just be me for some reason.

3 thoughts on “All Too True.”

  1. For whatever reason, Setty has blocked my trackback and my link to his article. Perhaps he misconstrued something I said. Or perhaps he hasn't gone through all his trackbacks. Although I didn't know that you could block a plain old hyperlink to another article. I think I'm going to try to contact him about this.

  2. Sorry about that Larzini. I get too much of trackback spam and while deleting a few hundred spam trackbacks, I must have inadvertantly deleted yours.
    My apologies. I will be careful next time.

  3. Not a problem. I get the spam, too. But I enjoy readiang your blog. If you haven't already, feel free to remove my comment on your post inquiring about the trackback. My best to you.

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