Toys “R” Us Bullies Rockstar Games

I've been to 2 Toys “R” Us stores and neither has had a copy of Bully, or even the marker on the shelf for it. The salesperson had no information on it. I see Toys “R” Us has no shortage of games receiving the Mature rating with the shelves lined with Scarface, Yakuza, Black and a few more. Perhaps it's the controversy over the Teen rating when many feel it should be labeled Mature. (Immature would be more like it what with the wedgies and firecrackers in the toilet type shenanigans.) Or maybe its the alternative lifestyle possibilities that Joystiq recently commented on.

Does Toys “R” Us carry this game?

Bleary-eyed Bully

'm glad I posted on the blog and then did some other work before playing Bully. Suffice to say there was not much sleep. The game is a lot of fun. Similar to Grand Theft Auto in many ways, yet a different game. Rockstar's imprint is all over this thing, from the top notch writing, interesting mini games, open game play, etc. Where you had Uzis, rocket launchers with GTA, Bully's got stinkbombs and slingshots. GTA had its rival gangs, Bully's got its rival cliques. In GTA, the cops chased you when you shot, maimed, and ran over people. In Bully, the prefects come after you for truancy, trespassing, breaking into lockers, and mmissing curfews.

If I have any willpower, I will sleep tonight. And I do wanna sleep, but maybe after just one more mission.

I Think I'm Cool Sometimes

But right now I'm just being a geek. I was heading home from a night class in financial planning, and had to use some coupons I found online at the local Barnes & Noble. (DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid placement.) But I had a coupon for 20 free Wi-Fi sessions, and one for a free stratta. A stratta seems to be a fancy word for quiche which is kind of fancy in itself. It's clearly fattening, contains eggs and cheese and along with coffee, I'm sure will have some fun with my insides, but whatever. I give you links to this free stuff to share with you and your friends that are Barnes & Noble members.

Free Stratta.
Oh, the coupon is not legit at, for all of you that want a fancy slab of egg & cheese sent via UPS. Is it possible that someone would really try to order this online? I hope it was the coupon designers having a little chuckle. But it's probably not. Stupidity may not be a recessive gene in all human life forms.
Free Wi-Fi. This posting brought to you via that coupon.
Free James Brown.

Free Mike Tyson.

Free to do what I want any ol' time.

Like right now. Where I do this posty-posty thing with my laptop possessing questionable battery powerand the screen looking not as bright as it could be. Will I be smart enough to save this post along the way? Probably not. Just did. There will be a few less expletives heard by the gaggle of high school girls nearby. That is, if a gaggle is three, and I have any inkling as to determining ages.

Stop Bullying Bully

…aka Canis Canem Edit.

Bully has been a much maligned title that should only prove to sell well. The Truth ads haven't stopped people from buying cigarettes yet, have they?
Tony Blair continues a long tradition of folks condeming things they haven't seen firsthand. Glad to hear he was laughed at by Parliament.
In this case, confronting the Bully will not cause the Bully to stand down, just to sell more copies.
Thank goodness they didn't name it Canis Canem Edit here in the United States.
I believe you'd get your ass kicked sayin' something like that, man.

It looks like Rockstar will take a little bit more of my lunch money today.