Bush and Blair Have a Little Chat

The comedian-in-chief clearly did not ask, “Is this thing on?” with a tap of the microphone. So the world gets a private moment between a couple leaders of the free world. There's a lot of talk about this around the blogosphere, and I'm sure there will be a piece on The Daily Show, followed by its posting YouTube. That's just the nature of these things.


Guardian Unlimited: NewsBlog

Transcript by Adam Boulton

Crooks & Liars

Ezra Klein

Oh and a little bit of Guess who's coming to dinner. Will the White House open the door to thug/oil baron? The answer may be inidicative of upcoming US policy in the Middle East since Kazakhstan opened airfields to us previous in the US conflict/bombing with/of Afghanistan. (Sorry I get a little slash crazy here and there, and that time it came while I was actually trying to make a point.) But it could also be that there's lots of oil in Kazakhstan. And people do crazy things for that black stuff.

One thought on “Bush and Blair Have a Little Chat”

  1. Why don't the two of them just get it on already. Of course they are just going to go in to Lebanon bombing everything that moves and has brown skin, yup bail out Israel as usual, just give the Arab world more of a reason to hate all us Americans and want to see us dead.

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