Rocketboom Response

This posting was going to link to Andrew Baron giving his side of the Rocketboom debacle over at Dembot, (that's his blog, or at least one of them). But at the present time, Dembot is down. I'm sure it will be back, and then you can hear his side.

In a nutshell, Andrew Baron says that Andrew Baron does a lot of work over at Rocketboom. It says that he does just about everything. He even came up with Amanda Congdon's quick head turn to the other camera. I'm not sure he holds the patent on that, so perhaps Amanda will use that in the future.

That said, Joanne Colan will be the new host of Rocketboom. Joanne was apparently a VJ on MTV Europe. But now she got a pretty big shoes, (seat, whatever you'd like to add) to fill. It's very possible that this whole thing will work out quite well both for Amanda Congdon and for Andrew Baron at Rocketboom.

All they have to do is deliver. Simple,huh? The world may not be watching, but the blogosphere is, and that slight sound you hear is the blogosphere tapping on the shoulders of two friends collectively to tell them about all this. Even those who still don't care have the seeds planted in their brain, and when Amanda Congdon starts showing up on The Daily Show or some other media outlet, they'll know why they know who that is.

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