What's This? No more Amanda Congdon at Rocketboom. Will there be a reason to return? There seems to be some he said/she said business going on. Amanda says they didn't want her anymore. Rocketboom (a.k.a. the other guy) says she wanted to move to L.A., and they couldn't acommodate her.

The only thing we know for sure sure is that I'm still not sure how to spell acommodate.

Let the blogosphere be my spellchecker, I say. Comments are always open.

I'm sure we'll see Amanda again. So, might as well bookmark Unboomed in the meantime. I've only been visiting Rocketboom for a short time, and although the content and writing works well, her personality and delivery has made it more interesting. Is Rocketboom done? Has there been a job posting on Craigslist yet? Who knows? Maybe you.

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