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Sometimes it takes another blog to kickstart the fluids in the grey matter to congeal into some form of thought. Rather than to let this pseudo-intellectual colloid cause any type of brain hemorrhaging, I'll post it here, just in case the blogholder deems it unworthy of publication on their site.

Blog: Life Beyond Code

Author: Rajesh Setty

Posting where my comment may appear: Ways to distinguish yourself #127 Synchronize your configurations

Synchrony – It's the reason that the baseball team with the highest payroll cannot get their boat to the World Series every year. A team composed of All-Stars will not beat the best regular team on a given day. Statistics are only that…statistics. It doesn't mean you'll get the same performance in September that you got in July. If your third baseman thinks your catcher is a scumbag, there may be some trouble with synchrony even if they are the best at their position.
I enjoyed your post, and making the connection that even in our personal lives, the concept of synchrony or teams is involved in situations where you feel you are operating in a vacuum. I may feel like I'm alone when I'm dealing with a medical bill that my insurance won't pay, and although there's no formal team, the individual efforts, attitudes, and abilities of myself, the customer service rep at the insurance company, their manager, the clerk at my doctor's office, and perhaps the doctor herself(himself) will determine the success of this unrealized(?) team to process payment on my insurance claim.
We don't wear the same uniforms or collect a paycheck from the same place, but every issue that is addressed by more than one individual requires some happy synchrony to see itself to fruition. Even if the item is low priority on one person's to-do list, the respect with which I treat one of my “team members” in our conversations could have a great effect on the final result.
Good luck with your book.

There you have it. A post. Sure, it's a comment, but as the title would indicate, this is my blog, so if I want my comments on another site to be a post, well then, they'll be a post.

On another note, I started reading Relativity: The Special and General Theory by Albert Einstein tonight. Yeah, the forward of the book already has me feeling like a tropical fish in the Antarctic Circle, but I figure there's got to be something I could gain from reading this. I'm already wondering that if these theories can be applied to such mass entities billions of light years away, isn't the inverse possible? Can the macro affect the micro? Is it possible that these theories of mathematics and physics could be used to come up with the solutions needed to deal with viruses or cancer cells. Maybe in fact, they already are, because right now I don't know enough about either, but I do know that if my mind is still working, I certainly ain't dead, and that's a good thing.

See ya next post.

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