Nothing much

I've never watched Trading Spouses, but I've seen that recent commercial with that woman screaming her head off quite a few times. You have as well. And it has scarred your brain like the maze etched onto the screen of an old Pac-Man machine that's never been unplugged.

Now is she or is she not the bus driver from South Park? Her name is Margaret, as far as I can tell? I don't know the name of the bus driver though?

Can't find pic of her now. Sleep calls me, so I leave. But if you've seen South Park, I'm sure you'll agree. And that picture up top doesn't do Margaret justice, the commercials showed her screaming her head off, but not screaming, “SIT DOWN, KID!” Fox will probably switch up the pictures on their web site by the time people read this in the late morning, and readers will just scratch their heads.

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