“Hot Coffee” on PS2 Confirmed

As I've got my hands full with the newborn these days, I've left the dirty work to Migs. He has confirmed that the Action Replay codes that have been floating around do indeed work on PS2 versions of GTA: San Andreas. You enter the house of your date and make with the festivities. Gamespot also confirms.

There was a post on Joystiq about the scapegoating of Rockstar Games, when apparently, God of War has much more violence. But the furor over this is blown out of proportion. To play the “Hot Coffee” mode, you need either an Action Replay, a Game Shark, or to download mods and patches. Then you need to find the codes necessary to make this thing work. Then you can play simulated sex games. And for a child to do this, it means the parents must have been blind to every news story about GTA: San Andreas when it was first released, and not really given a fuck about what games their kid played. Heck, those parents are probably getting their kids beer and cigarettes.

In this day and age, I think it's a lot easier to find porn on this little creation called the Internet. You may have heard of it. Al Gore invented it. But Tipper wouldn't have allowed that to happen, if she knew her hubby's creation was going to be used in such a way. Maybe we can place a warning sticker on the Internet. Then maybe Wal-Mart wil sell it. I hear they got the cheapest Internets at Wal-Mart. My buddy got one the other day, and its got the porn on it and everything.

As this post collapses into nothingness, at least I feel like I've done my job, I can't have all those other posts about GTA and not comment on “Hot Coffee”. Although, to be honest, I am sick to death about reading about it.

So, Net-net. Rockstar basically says they didn't inhale, but put a Rumsfeldian spin on it. The game gets pulled from shelves, gets an AO (Adults-Only) sticker. Take-Two Interactive, the publisher that owns Rockstar, tells Wall Street the numbers will be lower. I hope to read more about games and less about this garbage in the near future.

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