Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

All blog sites must praise this band or risk the scorn of Pitchfork reviewers. They sound a little like somobody else, and a lot like another band, too, but who cares, since everybody sounds like somebody else. I think folks who liked Pavement will like them.

I think the name goes beyond the ridiculousness of emo band names. Perhaps they will usher in an era of even worse band names until bands start using combinations of unpronouncible symbols, hand gestures, and morse code to develop names.

There are a few tunes to download on their site. If you've heard of them from me first, then you don't get out much. Scratch that. You get out often. You must be in front of a computer less than me. Good for you then.

Here's 10 names for bands that hopefully will never appear on a marquee (Why 10? Because people expect lists in 10's. And it gives me something to do before I get that much deserved sleep I've been lacking. Plus the rush to come up with 10 names right before bad will ensure the awfulness of the names created.)

1.) Locked My Keys in the Car

2.) Spill Milk and Cry

3.) Shampoo Rinse Repeat (actually that one is pretty good)

4.) Dreamt You Left Me Woke Up Got Up Yawned

5.) Wave Them Like You Just Don't Care

6.) Always Get a Receipt

7.) This Band is not a Toy

8.) Cross Tees Dot Eyes

9.) No Balance Transfer Fees

10.) Put Your Right Foot In, Put Your Right Foot Out

Good Night.

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