Threadless Running Out of Threads.

Threadless still has tees left at $10, but only until June 6. I guess they'll be printing a whole new batch, but there's still some good stuff left. And some new shirts have just been made available at this bargain price. Star Wars fans will definitely appreciate Dark side of the Garden, featuring Darth Vader in Martha Stewart moment tending to his topiary, which just happens to be shaped like the Death Star. I also like We're Toast, Maxim Vixen, My Dearest Friend, Bye Pussy and Nothing (which I recently ordered).

Yes, I'm shilling for Threadless, but I like the whole user-submitted design process. If you want something to be made into a t-shirt, you can vote for the submissions, or design one yourself. There's currently a design competition involving IFC. Hence the nearby graphic.

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