Addicted to Airborne

I love this stuff. I work at a job where I shake many hands a day. And in wintertime many of those hands have been covering coughs, catching sneezes, wiping noses, and all sorts of fun things to bring a little more bacteria in my life. My mother-in-law handed me a tube of Airborne, and whether or not its really helping me, I'm hooked to its lemony-lime goodness. (not too keen on the spicy orange, I must say). I did already have a bit of a cold when she first handed it to me, but it didn't last long. And I've withstood the kiddie germs in my house and whatever else my clients could muster up since. Oh yeah and the art on the box is sweet.

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3 thoughts on “Addicted to Airborne”

  1. I also like Airborne. I wonder if it has any redeeming value. Every pharmacist I ask says that it's a placebo or that vitamins are just as good.
    Why do they charge so much for it though? It can't cost that much to produce. If they just lowered the price, it would become like soda or something and people would buy it bulk.

  2. Even if it's the quick fix or the placebo du jour, I say so what. Vitamins are absorbed more efficiently in the system when taken at various times during the day. A one-a-day vitamin is mostly pissed out and by the end of the day if your're diet's not getting the job done, your body is going to be low on some vitamins.
    Taking Airborne every three hours spreads the vitamins more evenly throughout the day. It's probably easier to do this than to find the right vitamin mix to take in smaller doses throughout the day. So if it works, go with it. I'll pay more money to not be sick during tax season.
    And if people can be fooled by a placebo, and they feel better, we should let them. The medicines prescribed don't always get the job done.
    Maybe I just like the cool drawings and am seduced by the design.

  3. The tube is cool too. It's like taking a lifesaver and it also reminds me of alka seltzer which I associate with relief (though I recall alka seltzer tasting terrible, but being told that it definitely would relieve stomach upset).
    In fact, I bet I named my blog character Leonard Seltzer after alka seltzer subconsciously.

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