I recently linked to the Good Doctor's last article not knowing it would be his last article. You've probably heard that Hunter S. Thompson has committed suicide by now. You could say a lot of things about the Good Doctor, but from what I'd read I would've have never pegged as suicidal, he had a wit that was nothing short of homicidal when locked on a target, but not suicidal.

The least ESPN could do is create some type of order amid the jumbled mess they've left of his Page 2 archive. It wasn't such a trainwreck just last week. And although Hunter's taste has been questioned by money, it is pretty distasteful that the top story in his archive is listed as “Thompson: Death in the afternoon” followed by “Thompson: XFL, R.I.P.” There's really not a need to put his Dale Earnhardt and end of the XFL stories at the top, but the titles speak for themselves.

People who are easily offended probably shouldn't be reading Hunter S. Thompson anyway, they may also be people who are often offended by the truth yet choose to ignore it. But ESPN's inappropriate archiving is not so much offensive, as it reeks with a lack of respect.

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