It's been awhile since I paid a nod to the mash-up community. Remember the Grey album? You know, Danger Mouse, Black album (not this one, not this one either), White album, lawsuits, etc…Right,then. Well CCC presents Revolved. It's what once was Revolver. And although it's been out a bit longer, and not based on a classic album, there's Flip the Switch. A reworking of the new Chemical Brothers album, Push the Button. I just heard the last track, “Surface to Air” on Liquid Todd's show last night, hence the impetus behind this post.

Oh, and although there's no link, (Well, perhaps that will be fixed by post time), I heard new Gorillaz last evening as well. Sounded like they had the Pharcyde on it, but I'm likely to be wrong. Then again, maybe not.

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