Ghost Photographer Movie

Back from the World of Chocolate, into the world of San Andreas.

I finally have some video footage of the mysterious ghost photographer. Many of you have seen this by now, because the map I found in the newsgroups (reduced in size at right) is spot on. Now the footage is not great. I tried to maneuver Carl Johnson with one hand to frame the shot, while using the MPEG-capture mode of my digital camera with the other.

So, if you haven't found this yet firsthand, this will give you an idea of what to expect. Sometimes the photographer takes multiple shots, and always nods after getting the one they want, and then the walk to their watery grave. Sometimes they will throw a comment your way, sometimes they might leave some money underwater for you, but they never swim. And they never leave you a camera.

Ghost or glitch? I say glitch. But I am happy they left it in, it makes for interesting discussion.

Just 27% done with the game so far, still have some work ahead of me.

6/24/06 UPDATE: The link to the ghost photo movie is active again.

Chocolate Everywhere

I'm posting from beautiful Hershey, Pennsylvania right now. And I can't believe the amount of chocolate that has entered my body in the last 24 hours. It's everywhere. Everything must have chocolate. You get off the chocolate tour, they give you chocolate. You watch the 3d movie with dancing chocolate galore, then get more chocolate handed on the way out. You walk through the amusement park to the rides, and before you realize it you've just stuck another Hershey Kiss in your mouth.

I think the last time I pissed I filled the bowl with steaming hot cocoa. No marshmallows,though.

You truly develop a love/hate relationship with chocolate being here, which is not unlikely many folks on their diet du jour. (Currently, it's South Beach, Atkins, a close second, and the Weight Watchers people were still in business the last time I checked.) You're sick of it, but you'll reach for it. You're full, but you'll have another piece. But when it's all said and done, I think the world is a better place because there's chocolate in it. I like going to bed knowing that some day I'll eat another piece of chocolate.

I guess the brainwashing here at Hershey is working quite well.

Soldiers Question Rummy

Buried in this article somewhere, it looks as if the Reservists and National Guardsmen addressed by Rumsfeld are heading for the front lines. I would have thought this would be a role of the enlisted soldiers. But the longer this debacle goes on, the greater the number of men and women seeing front line combat.

Football teams punt. Isn't it time we do the same? The country doesn't need this, the planet either. We haven't found any Weapons of Mass Destruction, yet we've lost plenty of our own weapons. And now the soldiers have to sift through the sand for scrap to attach to their tanks. Where did all the money go that was budgeted for this war in the first place? Why can't we roll back the tax cuts to the rich, fi we're going to fund a war that only benefits them in the first place.

First a blog breakdown during my last post. Now I gotta get all aggravated about the war. Impeach early and often.

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I have a couple of my wife's Coach handbags up for auction on eBay. I think they capitalize the “B” so as not to confuse those folks searching for the Pig Latin translation of a Be operating system support site. I actually prefer sites that provide Jive translation. (Editor's Note:(As if!)Shut up and let me finish! Unfortunately you need to click the “Dialectize” button in the center of the page forThe Dialectizer to load the last two links properly.)

I think that was funnier before I started typing it. Where's my
editor? He was just here. Wait a minute! Who was that? This is a blog.
My Blog. There's no editor. I'm the only one here. This is what happens
when you edit a blog 12 times because your links running through
someone's CGI script are not working properly.

I'm ready to toss this whole post away. But now that I've edited this
one (need editor to spellcheck, Ha!) 12 times already, I refuse to
delete it, no matter how much of a pointless trainwreck it has turned
out to be. Just because I had to be clever with the whole dialect

Clever, huh? How's that working out for me? Not too fucking good, right now.

Oh, and the “g” at the end of “fucking”. I put that there not to be
cute. Not to be clever. Just because it fucking felt right. So did that
last “g” as well. I heard both “g” 's in my head. And the whole thing
with the quotes around the g. Yes, that g.
I don't know whether that's cute, clever, dumb, pretentious, punctually
correct, hopelessly archaic, or not even worthy of drawing attention
to. And I don't fucking care!

I don't fucking care with a fucking g.


Fuck g. Fuck h, too, for that matter.

Bid early and often. Thanks.