You've seen it before, and you'll see it again. This is the “sorry
I  haven't updated in awhile” blog entry. Many blogs have these.
Some are written better than others. Some are actually read by people,
because “goshdarnit, I love this blog and it hasn't been updatedi n
awhile and I need to know what's happening with so-and so, and I'm
getting cranky, and I hope the 20 blogs I read updated today”.

Then there's blogs like this one, which is clearly not read by many,
possibly not read but any, but nonetheless here I am with the grand
assumption that someone actually reads this blog.

And I  now tell you…sorry I haven't updated in awhile. There's
lots happening: getting ready for my son's birthday party, 
project management over the lack of substantial work in the past week,
house stuff, and new addictions to mp3 blogs and Grand Theft Auto: San

I really could go on about the new GTA, but I really don't want to
right now, because that is time I'd rathering spend playing it.

I also could tell you all about these great mp3 blogs that I've begun
frequenting, but again right now I'd rather be reading those.

And besides this is the “sorry I blah blah blah” entry. As an unwritten
rule, it shouldn't be substantial. In fact, this entry is wordier than
it has any right being. And besides (that's twice in one paragraph, if
you're keeping score) if you are still reading this entry this far
down, I've stolen a precious minute or two of your life already.

You should have quit while you were ahead, when the word sorry popped up earlier in this post.

Perhaps a real post will appear here soon.

Ya down wit' GOP! No not ME!

I really hope not to hear anything more about Republican “values” from
the Bush camp. Unless they spell out corruption and dubious ethics as
core values.

Here's a link just in case Majority Leader Tom DeLay is charged by a Texas grand jury. (Thanks, Mah Two Cents) The GOP does not see criminal charges as something that would question the integrity of DeLay.

“With a bigger majority, we can do even more exciting things”

When I read those words from a DeLay quote, I instantly shuddered.
Exciting things? Like what? Concentration camps? Microchip
implants?  Patriot Acts II, III, IV, and V? Halliburton Happy
Meals at McDonald's?


Is it any wonder the Iraqi people aren't overly enthused about American
democracy? I mean, aside from constant bombing and lack of clean
drinking water.

America is the parent shoving stringbeans in the mouths its children
insisting, “It's good for you, just eat it!” And the Iraqis, like most
children, protest, with the argument, “NO! It's yucky!”

This truthout article about election hijinx in Ohio is an example of yucky democracy in action.

Important Job

We had just returned from the local toy
store from our old town. Yes,
there are still a few left. There were actually two in that

My son issued a mandate and was quite adamant that it was top

“Daddy! This is an important job. You need to
this out on the computer to everybody in our

My son is 3 1/2, actually just about 4 years old, and in his world
trucks, dirt, and trains rule. Especially Thomas the Tank

And we had just purchased “Henry's
, which has been discontinued
for years. So you can understand my son's excitement.

Now I'm not one of those that buys toys for my kids to just look at.
You know, keep it in the box so it doesn't lose its value while it
on a shelf in a kid's room collecting dust. So yes, all Hess
fair game. Boxes are open and even discarded. If they brake…well,
they brake. The child only cries because they broke a favorite toy,
because Mommy and Daddy can't believe they broke that toy that in 20
years would have bought 1/4 of a college textbook for said

So “Henry's Tunnel” was apparently from the 1996 Thomas the Tank
collection. Which, to my son my as well be, the Bronze Age. My
“important job” as he put it was to share with everyone a picture of
the Thomas the Tank Engine lineup for 1996.

So here it is.

My son also told me how he's no longer going to include Q when singing
the alphabet. He wasn't clear about the reason why. Perhaps it has
something to do with that whole “U
always follows Q”
rule, which I'm
sure back in the day was as hotly contested as the designated hitter
rule in baseball. And since spelling to him, is not nearly as
as digging, I'll spare him the exception of proper nouns like Qatar
until he's older.

In fact, given recent events, I'd like to avoid any mention of the
Middle East to my son for quite some time.

I should mention that he also likes to jump from 11 right to 14 when
counting. I remind him of the existence of 12 and 13, but he tells me
he knows that, but just doesn't want to say those.

You'll know if my son has become an architect someday, when you report
to your office on the 17th floor, and realize you're only 15 stories

Save the Breast for Last

Actually, I'll lead with it.

Drop in for Tara Reid's  exposed breast. Stick around for political discourse.

That's Hategun. Not to be confused with Lovegun. No…wait…I actually meant the Kiss album. I swear. This blog needs to cut down on the NSFW.

Although, at least Ashcroft won't be bothering me anymore. But before we go celebrating uncovering those revealing, sinful statues in D.C., let's be sure it's not a case of the “The Devil You Know…”.

I figured you know the rest of that one, I don't exctly remember. But I
do know it's appropriate, and doesn't break any decency laws.

Who will it be? Alberto Gonzales? Officer Barbrady? Mr. Garrison? Chef? Jimbo? the 1989 Denver Broncos?

You know…Barbrady would probably slip into the Bush cabinet as
Attorney General just as easy as Tara Reid's breast slipped out of that
dress. (see above) Jimbo could take over as Secretary of Defense. And
I'm sure Bush could find a position for Garrison, who would support the
president's stance against gay marriage.