More GTA Unexplained

There's a group, calls themselves the Ghosthunters, over at
Trying to find the truth behind rumours of ghosts, ghost cars, UFOs,
mass graves, mysterious phone booths and other unexplained phenomena in
San Andreas. Check the video footage.

That face in the mountain (in the second movie) reminded me a bit of the image of President Bush that was on a billboard in New York City leading up to the Republican National Convention.

Oh and be on the lookout for Leatherface, yes, that one. He may be out there too. The search has even inspired this film by Beach Head Productions.

I will say that I was in East Los Santos in the Cluckin' Bell parking
lot when a pedestrian seemed to fall out of the sky (or perhaps off the
telephone pole near me, and splattered on the ground) No I don't have
pics, I'll have to start picking up the camera instead of just the
spraycan. I'm not sure how I can carry a shotgun, a 9mm, a sub-machine
gun, grenades, and a baseball bat, but can't carry both a camera 
and a can of spray paint at the same time.

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