Grand Theft Soundtrack

Visit the official GTA: San Andreas site for the tracklist for the 2-CD soundtrack, as well as the list of radio stations in the latest version.

The rap and “alternative” stations were no-brainers. The New Jack Swing
station is clever and timely. The house music station might be a good
idea, particularly if it has more of a techno bend (i.e. Lords of Acid,
James Brown is Dead, that kind of stuff). The playlists for each of the
radio stations were not yet posted on the official site, so exactly
what songs are included on the “alternative” station will be quite
interesting. Hopefully Courtney didn't ask for too much cash and we'll
get some Nirvana on there. With all the good music coming out around
this time, a college radio station, complete with awkward-sounding dj's
would be a nice inclusion.

By the way, if your more concerned about the game itself, the site is
quite deep with background and maps. But it won't be long now, will it?

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